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Recebi alguns produtos de nail art da LadyQueen Store para review 
e o primeiro que vos mostro é a placa JQ-L02

  I got some nail art produts from the online shop  LADYQUEEN 
to review, and the first one I have to show is the  the JQ-L02 stamping plate

A placa JQ-L02 tem de medida 6x12cm e vem protegida com uma pelicula azul,
que deve ser retirada e devidamente limpa antes da utilização.
Esta placa vem com 14 padroes de unha inteira
e 7 pequenos perfeitos para detalhe.


  The JQ-L02 stamping plate has 6x12cm
and comes with a blue film that has to be removed
and the plate clean before use.
It has 14 full nail patterns and 7 small ones perfect for a tiny detail.

Easy to stamp, this plate is perfect to create multiple nail art's
If you like this one, you must see all the others in the LadyQueen Store site!!!

You can buy amazing nail art and beauty products
and have 15% off with the code NAILSPT15

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